Ultimately a wild ride

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I struggled with this book for awhile I have to say I had a hard time getting through it. The angst that followed the two main characters that obviously liked each other but were so fixed on ignoring it was annoying. The actual world was very interesting I found myself drawn to the world that was created with the beast and different animals that were described. I think that’s what made it hard to read. I could not get into the characters which is really hard to follow a story line when you can’t get into the main point of the story! I did decide to finish the book since I was already to far into the story to stop. I have never really read such a high fantasy novel, at least not for awhile. If there is another book I might continue it since I did like the magic system that was created. Lastly I would have enjoyed the print itself to big a larger print, but that’s just being picky!