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Embarrassingly Invested

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I’m going with a good 4.5 on this one.

There were so many of my favorite story elements in this fantasy romance. Magic, assassins, magical beasts, forbidden romances, amazing main characters, easily adored support characters and emotional turmoil. I loved so much of this book. It truly captivated me and I did not stop reading until I was done once I hit about 25%. I think my favorite part of the entire book is the beasts, they are ridiculously intriguing. I couldn’t help my curiosity and interest in absorbing all of the possible beast information. A close second is for sure the characters. I do so love and emotionally caged and emotionally damaged characters. They always hold my heart, and this story was surely not lacking in that department.

Beyond the story, I really enjoy the little details added to the book. The cover, in my opinion, is absolutely stunning and the key and blade pictures added to the chapter headings were a nice touch. I do wish that I would have had a finished copy of the book so that I could see the Bestiary but I am so thankful that I had the chance to read this book before it’s release.