Magical Fun

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In his debut novel DaVaun Sanders does a wonderful job constructing a fantastical world. The main character, Keynan Masters (aka Keymaster), is worried about the frequent storms that threaten his neighborhood, Bizzy Block. Because of this, he has to make the difficult decision whether or not to attend Peerless Academy. Keynan makes to brave decision to go. Once at Peerless, Keynan has a difficult time fitting in and quickly realizes things may not be what they seem.

Magic seems to be all the rage in middle grade lit right now, this story sets itself apart. Keynan's power and the power of his friends' is in their art, whether it be writing raps/rhymes, drawing, dancing . . . and their school is working to save the world from magic taking over.

While I did enjoy this book, there were times that I became a bit lost and was confused. It could have just been that I missed a couple of key details while reading. It seems like this book will have a sequel. Despite the confusion, I would be interested in continuing to read about Keymaster and his journey.