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Perfect for fans of Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky and Amari and the Night Brothers, this debut middle grade fantasy series follows Keynan's quest to unlock his freestyling magic and unravel the secrets of Peerless Academy, all while trying to save the world from massive storms that stem from mysterious forces.

Keynan Masters and the Peerless Magic Crew

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Keynan Masters doesn't know the truth about Peerless Academy. He thinks it's just a fancy art school that can’t teach him anything he doesn’t already know (how to write fire poems) and won’t solve his problems (the massive storms that threaten his home and family).

But Peerless is not what it seems…

Secret passageways. Unexplainable portals. Mysterious disappearances. Keynan and his new friends discover that the school is trying to contain a corrupt magic—a magic that gets churned up when Keynan starts putting his poetry to rhythm.

Can Keynan and his friends prevent the magic from destroying the school—and the world?

Estimated Ship Date: September 19th, 2023


DaVaun Sanders

DaVaun Sanders is a Black writer of speculative fiction residing in Phoenix, Arizona. He serves as executive editor for the award-winning FIYAH Literary Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction. His short fiction has appeared in the New York Times bestselling anthology Black Boy Joy, and elsewhere. He continues to expand his work in children’s SFF, for kids everywhere who deserve to enjoy inclusive stories. When deadlines are scarce he enjoys exploring the world with his wife and twins, cheering himself hoarse for the 49ers, wrangling two villainous Rotties, and any DIY project that requires outrageous new power tools. This is his debut novel.

Book Details

Publisher Inkyard Press
Genre Middle Grade
Publication Date Oct 17 2023
ISBN 9781335458049


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