Magic and mayhem for middle school students!

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Keynan Masters and the Peerless Magic Crew is a well-written book for middle school students.

The plot is interesting and evolves mostly around the main character, Keynan, and the friends he makes while at school. The school isn't like any that this age group would be familiar with. The classes have low expectations for lessons, but very high expectations for following rules. There are some major issues in the building that involve magic that is being used in the wrong way, which is the reason for the sad state of the lessons.

The characterization is well done. There are a few students who quickly come across as bullies, and Keynan is a little too full of himself and his own belief that he can do a lot to improve his surroundings without help from anyone else, Keynan also has some issues with accepting responsibility when something he does goes horribly wrong.

The book is definitely worth reading for the original story and growth experienced by the characters.