Great Diverse Fantasy YA Read!

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"Keynan Masters and the Peerless Magic Crew" is Davaun Sanders' debut novel. I'm always looking for age-appropriate, diverse novels for my students and this novel certainly did not disappoint! The characters were interesting, believable, and based on their words and actions, created with strong values. The plot follows the magical adventures of Keynan Masters and his friends as they navigate the strange characters and happenings at their new school, the Peerless Academy of Movement, Art, Genealogy, Instrumentation and Composition. They discover secret tunnels, portals and attempt to solve the mysterious disappearances of fellow students. Keynan also has an ulterior motive for attending Peerless Academy. He is attempting to research a way to end the dangerous storms that threaten his family and neighborhood on Bizzy Block. Will he succeed, or is the task too great for him to tackle? Without giving any of the plot away, the ending is truly magical! I'm looking forward to reading additional YA novels by Mr. Sanders