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Judge’s Girls by Sharina Harris tells the story of what happens when a center of a family passes away.

In Judge’s Girls, the judge was Judge Joseph Donaldson who was a fair Judge and respected by everyone in the community. The judge was a father to Maya and a husband to Jeannie and a stepfather to Ryder.

After he passes, its discovered that there is a caveat in the will that says that the three “girls” must live together for an entire year before they can inherit. The time frame for this book is that year.

The setting for the story is in the south, in Georgia. The story is told in multiple POV of each of the girls.

There are strong racial themes in this story. The Judge and his daughter Maya are black and Jeannie and Ryder are white. There are also themes of alcoholism, grief and family dynamics.

I absolutely LOVED this book. I mean LOVED. The author crafted complex, complicated yet well developed characters.

The dynamics of the family were well written. Amongst the serious tone, there were laugh out loud moments, I especially enjoyed the funeral scene.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves women’s fiction and stories that are diverse and real . This is a #ownvoices story not to be missed!