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Three estranged women must learn to share a home—and a family—after a tragic loss…

Judge's Girls

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Three very different women. Only one thing in common. But when their family patriarch dies and they must share his estate, the truths they discover will test them—and everything they think they know about each other.

Beloved Georgia judge Joseph Donaldson was known for his unshakable fairness, his hard-won fortune—and a scandalous second marriage to his much-younger white secretary. Now he's left a will with a stunning provision. In order to collect their inheritance, his lawyer daughter Maya, her stepmother Jeanie, and Jeanie’s teen daughter, Ryder, must live together at the family lake house. Maya and Jeanie don’t exactly get along, but they reluctantly agree to try an uneasy peace for as long as it takes . . .

But fragile ex-beauty queen Jeanie doesn’t know who she is beyond being a judge’s wife—and drinking away her insecurities has her in a dangerous downward spiral. Fed up with her mother’s humiliating behavior, Ryder tries to become popular at school in all the wrong ways. And when Maya attempts to help, she puts her successful career and her shaky love life at risk. Now with trouble they didn’t see coming—and secrets they can no longer hide—these women must somehow find the courage to admit their mistakes, see each other for who they really are—and slowly, perhaps even joyfully, discover everything they could be.

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Sharina Harris

Sharina Harris is the author of the contemporary fiction novels (Im)Perfectly Happy and Judge’s Girls. She’s a Romance Slam Jam Debut Novelist of the Year nominee and her romances written under the name Rina Gray were named Book Riot Must Read Romantic Comedies. A graduate of Georgia State University, she first pursued a career in digital marketing and public relations before turning to writing. When not busy with her work, she can be found with her head stuck in a book, yelling for her favorite NBA teams, and spending time with friends and family. Sharina lives in Atlanta with her husband and son.

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Publisher Kensington Publishing Corp.
Genre Women's Fiction
Publication Date Oct 27 2020
ISBN 9781496725653


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