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This book was a very interesting and intriguing read. I do not think that this book is necessarily for everyone as it is kind of complex. I think the author is very well spoken the writing flows nicely and even though it was not my usual type of book that I would read I really enjoyed getting to read this authors work. I would even read more of his work in the future. The cover and name of this book kind of drew me in and peaked my interest. Usually I wouldn’t read an e book but I did for this book. Thank you bookish first for sending me this e book I am really glad I got to read something that I would not usually read on my own. I think this website is great for broadening your horizons. I will be recommending this book to several of my friends and I hope they find this read as interesting as I did. I’ve read some of the reviews and they seems quite diverse in opinions so I think it would be interesting to see what my friends think.