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Gritty short story collection endowed with cultural richness and global relevance spanning both England and Zimbabwe.

Powerful exploration of identity politics in post-Brexit Britain.

Inside Harare Alcatraz and Other Short Stories

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In his fourth literary offering, Andrew Chatora gives us eleven stories written in a wide range of settings and painting the lives of Zimbabweans from different walks of life. From the impenetrable Harare prison to the working class Mutare and its domain of shebeen queens to suburban Harare and a politically charged United Kingdom in a post Brexit world, Chatora takes the reader on a grand tour of outrage. Notwithstanding the shifts in scene and setting, these stories have one pervasive theme in common – they capture the suffocation and desperation of Zimbabwe and her Diaspora and fully describe the precariousness of living in environments that are increasingly hostile.

"Inside Harare Alcatraz and Other Short Stories" transcends the grass is never greener perspective with a nuanced interrogation of the socio-political realities of its characters. Chatora fashions a diverse cast of characters whose complexities and eccentricities evoke the utmost in us.

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Andrew Chatora

Andrew Chatora is a noted exponent of the African diaspora novel. Candid, relentlessly engaging and vulnerable, his novels are a polarising affair among social critics and literary aficionados. Chatora’s forthcoming novel, Born Here But Not in My Name, is a long-run treatment of race relations in Britain, featuring the English classroom as a microcosm of wider society post-Brexit. His debut novella, Diaspora Dreams (2021), was the well-received nominee of the National Arts Merit Awards in Zimbabwe, while his subsequent works, Where the Heart Is, Harare Voices and Beyond and Inside Harare Alcatraz and Other Stories, have cemented his contribution as a voice of the excluded. Harare Voices and Beyond has recently been nominated for the 2023 Anthem Awards Finalist.

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Publisher Kharis Publishing
Genre Multicultural Interest
Publication Date Feb 01 2024
ISBN 9781637462348


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