This is going to be another great historical fiction story

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After reading the first look, this is going to be another great Ruta Sepetys book. From the beginning, you know it is going to be good when Cristian is called to the office and told “You’re Cristian Florescu,” he said. “And I know what you’ve done.” There are some people in America that do not realize the freedoms they have. When you cannot say what you what, wear what you want, do what you want, without someone watching your every move, everything you say. Cristian is trying to right the wrongs that are happening to the people of Romania. Having to spy upon those that are important to you, no one could imagine. But, for his grandfather's medication, he will do what he must. There is so much sadness in just the first read, I cannot imagine what the rest of the book will be like. With Ms. Sepetys writing style, it will definitely go for the heart.