Spy Thriller or Historical Fiction?

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I love historical fiction that teaches me about places & people & events I didn’t know much about, and I also love a good spy thriller! So when I read the beginning of this book, I was delighted to see it’s both! I also appreciate that it’s about a time period that I am old enough to remember…I even have a friend from Romania who emigrated to the US to escape the communist regime. I’m really loooking forward to reading this one to learn more about the time period and the people.
The writing is well written and the pacing is quick, and I have definitely enjoyed the other books I’ve read by Rita Sapetys. Learning about such a dark and terrifying time in Romania’s history is definitely something people need to do…just to remember that it happened, and not that long ago, either. Hard to imagine it was just a few decades ago, but it was only a little over 30 years ago.