Something and old

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This book was not what I expected in the best way possible. I think the author did a phenomenal Job with their depiction of this time period. I am very happy to have found such a well researched book about this type period. While I don’t usually love YA these days, I do think this book is not your typical YA story.
I found it very hard to put this down and do anything else.
In a society like this one where you can’t trust anyone and anything is wrong it makes you question the life that you are living. From the basic freedoms of going to the store or saying a word. Now to imagine those freedoms being taken away is interesting and also scary. I am one to read a lot of historical fiction especially in the Holocaust genre, but I think other parts of history need to be told too. I had no idea that this was a part of history in any way. The fact that the author captured some of these issues is amazing. I recommend this 100%