Great Thriller!

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I recieved How to Survive Your Murder by Danielle Valentine for free in exchange for my honest review (from BookishFirst). Thank you for letting me get my hands on a beautiful finished copy to read and review!

Okay, so first we have a really great storyline set up about sisters, compared to two great thriller movies: Scream and Happy Death Day. Alice is the sole witness in her sister's murder trial, and Claire, her sister, was "perfect". Alice on the otherhand was less than, nerdy and outcast - but despite that, they were the best of friends.

After Claire's death Alice changed, well, her life changed. He parents divorced and she moved into a crappy apartment. Now she has to face down her sister's killer in court with everyone doubting her.

The catch? When Alice is about to testify, someone knocks her out and she is somehow transported to a year before, the night that her sister was murdered. Now Alice has the chance to save her sister and find the killer.