Full of 90s nostalgia

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This book is a trip! So many twists and turns and things I didn’t see coming. It’s interesting to think about what you would do if given the opportunity to rewrite the past. What you would do and how it could negatively effect the future!

Alice is a bit of an annoying character, although I realize she is young and this is a YA. At times I was bored with her and almost wanted to get slashed.

I enjoyed all of the references to my favorite horror movies from the 90s. I was a serious Scream fan. Even though I realized I was 12 when it came out, probably explains a lot about how I turned out as an adult. Hard to believe it came out over 25 years ago. Serious nostalgia with this book. The different titles for the chapters was also a fun touch.

I recommend for fans of 90s horror movies, who want a fun, quick horror read that’s a bit lighter than a lot of the stuff out there.