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Alice is a high school student that loves horror movies in an interesting way. She’s been working on podcasts at school and has been trying to find a way to tell the stories of BIPOC murders. In this excerpt we get to know Alice and her quirky friend group. They’re going to a Halloween party at a popular girl’s house. On the surface, it doesn’t sound that scary. But we know that something will happen to Alice’s sister at this party.
I liked the way this was written and found the storyline interesting. I like YA books where there’s a murder mystery but it’s not actually scary/gory/creepy/especially violent (basically
One of Us is Lying, The Counselors etc). I don’t like YA murder mysteries that are actually scary etc. I’m not sure which way this book will go. I’m intrigued. I hope I win so I have a chance to find out myself.