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Meg Cannistra's "How to Heal a Gryphon" is a mix between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Giada is a guaritrice-in-training which means she is learning to use her magic to heal people. Her family is a well known guaritrice family and a lot is expected of her, especially since her older brother Rocco is already a famous guaritrice. There is one problem, Meg does not want to train to use magic to heal people. She wants to use her magic to heal animals. Animals known to our world like cats and dogs as well as mystical animals that mere mortals usually can't see like unicorns and gryphons. If she makes this choice, she will be going against her family's lineage and be a big disappointment to her dad.
As fate steps in and takes Meg's future on a different path. Rocco is kidnapped by the Streghe del Malocchio and taken to the underworld. Meg must rely on her magic, her familiar Sinistro as well as help from mystical friends....and that might not be enough to save her brother.

This story is filled with humor, mythical creatures, brother-sister rivalry, and coming of age. The book leaves off with plenty of room for a book #2 to be in the future.