How to Heal a Gryphon Review

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I was soooo bummed i missed out on even joining this give away! I was moving and everything was so crazy i forgot about this site for like months! Unfortunately since i missed out on the giveaway and i have yet to see this on netgalley or goodreads in their giveaways, I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to find this book.... Until last month when i found it on hoopla! Sadly i had no more borrows last month so i had to wait... I was worth it!

I really liked this book, very good middle grade book! I would definitely buy this or gift this after reading it. This book is magical with really great characters and great for middle grade and older readers! Would read more if i found out this was a series for sure. I also loved the cover really reminds me of a few other books i have gotten in giveaways on here before! Would recommend and really loved the audiobook.