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With her thirteenth birthday just around the corner, Giada Bellantuono has to make a big decision: Will she join the family business and become a healer or follow her dreams? But even though she knows her calling is to heal vulnerable animals, using her powers to treat magical creatures is decidedly not allowed.

When a group of witches kidnaps her beloved older brother, Rocco, and her parents are away, Giada is the only person left who can rescue him. Swept into the magical underground city of Malafi, Giada will need the help of her new companions to save her brother—or risk losing him forever.

How to Heal A Gryphon is a cute, quick read. I think readers of any age will get enjoyment out of reading this book.

I loved the setting and many references to Italy. Italy is one of my favorite places and the perfect setting for a magical journey.

I really enjoyed the different animals Gaida interacted with and cared for. I am an animal lover myself! I also enjoyed the relationship Gaida had with her family. A great book to teach young readers the importance of being true to yourself and following your dreams while still being respectful to your family.

Definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys middle grade fun and fantasy. Hoping there will be more books to follow.