A fun, witchy adventure

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I loved How to Heal a Gryphon! The story follows Giada, a soon to be 13 year old witch who dreams of using her magic to heal all sorts of magical creatures. However, she comes from a long line of magic doctors, and her family expects her to follow in their footsteps. Then her perfect older brother is taken by dark witches and it’s up to Giada to save the day. Luckily, she doesn’t have to go it alone! Her new black cat familiar, a family of gryphons, and other friends all have her back!

This story is about choosing your own path and finding a way to express what you really want. But it’s also about understanding other people’s perspectives, like her brother’s and even the witches who have taken him. This read is perfect for middle grade readers who feel like they’re being pushed down a certain path and want to stand up on their own, with support from friends and family. Plus, Giada is a self-identified fat girl, who is healthy and happy in her own body. She even has a magic cream for thigh chafing! Finally, this book is for anyone who loves animals, magical and not alike. There are tons of cool creatures filling these pages. Go take yourself on an armchair adventure and give it a read!