I didn’t love it

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This book was alright. I received this book through bookish first. And It was one of those books that struggled to finish to the point where I eventually gave up on it. From the first look I had hoped it would be a book I really loved. The characters just felt a little impersonal to me and the storyline took a lot to get into. It starts out a little slow for me. I got to about page one hundred and thirty before I decided to give up on it and move on. I usually am a fan of books based on historical events, however this one just was not for me. Other than that there just is not too much left for me to say about it.

I think this book has great promise for maybe another reader. Just was not for me. It has a lot of potential and I might try again another time but for now it’s on my did not finish list.

I really appreciate bookish first for sending me a copy to read as an arc copy.