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A pulse pounding historical tale of slavery and rebellion set in the aftermath of the Civil War.

Hidden Cargo

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Five months after the end of the Civil War, Acting Navy Lieutenant Everett Townsend is awaiting discharge in Key West. The end of the war has left him uncertain about his future and full of regret about the end of his relationship with Emma, the Cuban American daughter of a Havana boarding house owner. His Spanish grandmother- a slave owner who runs a prosperous sugar plantation in the Cuban countryside- is dreaming that Everett will return and take over the family business, a prospect that sickens him.

Returning from a routine supply mission from Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas, he and his men are caught in a hurricane and witness a shipwreck in the Marquesas Keys. When they investigate, they discover a locked cargo hold with the dead bodies of Black freedmen. When Townsend reports this unsettling incident to his distracted Naval commander in Key West, he’s encouraged to drop the matter. But he can’t shake his suspicions that the poor souls from the cargo hold were destined for re-enslavement in the sugar fields of Spanish Cuba.

A Naval murder investigation takes Townsend back to Cuba where he reunites with Emma who has joined the secretive Cuban resistance to Spanish rule. Together they conspire to find the smugglers behind the trafficking ring, a mission that will force Townsend to come face to face with his own family’s sordid past.

Estimated Ship Date: April 25th, 2023


Robin Lloyd

Robin Lloyd is a journalist and a novelist. He is the author of two previous novels, Rough Passage to London and Harbor of Spies. A veteran correspondent for NBC News for nearly fifteen years, he filed reports from more than thirty countries, mostly in Latin America and Africa. He has been an avid sailor since childhood and now divides his time between Maryland and Maine.

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Publisher Lyons Press
Genre Historical Fiction
Publication Date May 01 2023
ISBN 9781493072316


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