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Alright, I'm going to start off with the cover art as usual with these bookish first reviews. It was okay. It's wasn't as catchy as I feel it should have been, but I'm guessing it's pretty enough for people to flip it over and read the summary on the back.

I originally wanted to read this because I thought the idea would be relatable and fun since we are currently in the middle of this covid 19 pandemic as I read it.

However.... I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. I know, I know, judge me all you want. BUT... while it's a book, it still needs to be somewhat believable... right? Yes.

It started off funny and I was enjoying it... spoiler alert... but I realized they main characters are teenagers and one of them is trying to pay the other, the PERSONAL SHOPPER, $40 for some toilet paper. First of all, I know a lot of teenagers, and hardly any of them would go crazy over toilet paper. Most of them aren't even interested in personal shopping, door dash is what's really popular with them right now. So those things weren't really believable. I enjoyed the cuteness of their banter though, so I kept on reading... until he basically stalked her by ordering groceries (this sounds so much like instacart the way they interacted through the shopping app) and making sure he got her as his personal shopper. He didn't even tell her at the start who he was, it wasn't until the awkward window ordeal. I just couldn't read it after that. Maybe if they'd been older, it would have been more realistic and I could have gotten into enough to get past the stalking... who am i kidding, nope.