Love at first sight

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First I am obsessed with the cover. It’s so pretty especially with the purple. Okay I loved the first few pages so much. Starting with the different povs of both characters. I love books written like that, because you can see what both people have in mind and think about different situations. Form the beginning on I loved Maxine, she is a character I can easily identify myself with, what I really enjoy in books.

This books in my opinion is not only for girls, it’s for boys as well. It is also a easy and I think a quick read. Not only people with English as their mother tongue but also with English as their second language can read it. The chapters are not too long and not too short which I also really enjoy.
I love that the topic of this book is really present in every single life nowadays. So we can really sympathize with the characters and what they are going through. I loved it