I Wanted More

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I really wanted to love this one. Between the beautiful cover and the synopsis that sounded cute, I really thought I would love it. Somehow though, it ended up missing the mark and becoming a chore to read.

I think part of that may be because of the lack of chemistry between Max and Jonah. So much drama was added into their relationship, and it ended up being so unnecessary. I never connected to either of them, and I wasn't invested in their relationship at all.

I also didn't love Max or Jonah separately. They weren't bad characters, they just weren't particularly likeable. Their real problem was that they were bland.

Like some other reviewers have said, this may have been written a bit too soon. Instead of the pandemic elements being charming, they hit a bit too close to home, which wasn't exactly enjoyable to read

Thanks to BookishFirst for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review