I liked it okay

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It was an interesting book. I just think that it seemed so simple, kind of like....those books that you know things that are going to happen. It is very predictable, I don't really suggest reading this book, unless you are like on the airplane or have like no other interesting books. I suggest this book as a back up read for when you cannot find another book to read. I do think it is kind of cute, but the drama and push + pull between the two main characters was honestly kind of unnecessary. It was like reading it, and I was like all you have to do is this blah blah blah. Its so not that hard. So again, not really a great book in my opinion. Kind of cute, nice back up romance Young Adult book, but kind of boring and predictable. So yeah, thanks for reading my review of this book "Hello (From here)". If you decide to read this I hope you have a different experience and like it more than I did.