Déjà vu

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This book reminded me a lot of Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. A boy with bad anxiety meets a hard-working girl and they begin an unlikely relationship during Covid-19. During it, all the girl is still working, as she is an essential worker and the boy does nothing.
I really did want to route for them but they both have such different lives that there is no way that they could make their relationship work out, especially with how ignorant he is about the life that she has to live as she does not have a ton of money and he has more than enough. He struggles to grasp the idea that she can't have unlimited data. his pursuit of her feels strange to me. It was almost like she was everything in the world and if he couldn't have her he would die. That kind of love does not just form over the first couple of weeks of dating.

Overall a cute story, I figured that it would end the way that it did, and the storyline of Covid-19 still feels a little too fresh. I might have enjoyed this more three years down the road but right now, it still stings too much. Also, the authors' timeline does not match up with my own timeline of Covid. I journaled through the enter time, keeping track of what happened and all the dates are further out than I know them to be.