Covid Heartburn

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I read this book towards the beginning of the COVID lockdowns and my God, it hit so close to home.
First things first, I have to doff my imaginary and nonexistent hat to the author - not because I don't respect them, but because I kind of own zero hats at the moment - for being able to write a book about the lockdown, in such beautiful and vivid language, barely a year into the entire situation. It honestly came at the best time for me, because I'd just dropped pretty much everyone in my life and was living on YouTube, but then this book came along and inspired me to start reading after, like, three years of computerised living.
The plot is pretty easygoing, and the characters aren't omniscient or omnipotent or megalomaniacs trying to take over the world. But therein lies the beauty, or at least for me, because they were so simple and real, and their emotions and their experiences were so relatable, and their story didn't feel forced. From the MMC's immunocompromised sister to the FMC's job as a grocery deliverer, I feel like the author captured every aspect of quarantine life pretty well, and despite usually hating YA romance couples, I actually rooted for these two.