Whoa what an ending.

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CW: child abuse, domestic violence, incest

A drunken confession condemns a son and his mother, who live in the affluent Borrowdale Brooke area as minority white Zimbabweans. Marina Thompson is another inmate at the prison where they are being held, whose life is also linked to the son, Rhys. This novel offers a rare insight into this minority community and explores the dark criminal underworld as well as how they got there.

This book is written with so many different characters and their voices. It is not a linear sequence of events, but you can start tying it all together as you read on. I struggled a bit with the language, but nothing a quick google didn't fix. It definitely has heavier topics, so definitely not a feel good type of book. I felt more shocked than anything. It definitely exposes a part of Zimbabwe that I didn't know about.