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So I received an ebook version of this book (although I had explicitly requested a print version). There are limited copies, so I understand the change in medium.

Unfortunately, the ebook version emailed to me did not download/load properly so I was unable to read the whole book. I have tried different devices, but it's the same issue. So it was a technical DNF, although the story I had read so far at the point the download became corrupted appeared to be in the same vein as the First Impression. That is to say that it appeared promising based on its setting and premise, but because I don't have the full story to work with, it's hard to tell whether or not this promising start carried out the full length of the novel.

In other news, the cover art is beautiful, so aesthetically it is appealing and should turn a few heads. It's just a shame that I can't provide a full and complete review.