Not impressed—DNF

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Let me preface this with I DNF’d this book. After reading the initial summary of the book I was intrigued. I know next to nothing about Zimbabwe and I love reading about places like that. However, the first few chapters didn’t pull me in at all. The characters felt really flat and one dimensional. All I really ended up knowing about the main character was that he was a white individual in Zimbabwe and that he’d been put in jail for a death that supposedly wasn’t actually something he should be punished for. And then they made a big deal about him befriending some girl in prison—which felt like it had no baring on the actual story. It felt like a lot of build up to the meat of the story—and not necessarily in a useful way. I would have liked more background into the society. I also really would have liked to better understand why he and his mother were in prison, or at least been given pertinent story information.