It was okay

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I am definitely ok with some "Own voices" books, and multicultural offerings, but this one didn't really grab me as much as some other ones. While I enjoyed the concept of the story line, I felt that the story, in and of itself, was too dry, and too slow for me to keep up with. It just was not in a writing style that I preferred, although I love stories about other countries, particularly countries of Africa.

This story did not immediately draw me in like some other stories have, and it was hard to get through the whole thing. I had to keep putting it down, then picking it up again to go back for more later.

I really enjoyed visiting Africa in my younger days, so I relish books that will take me back there. This one was not one of the better ones that I have read. Although I may try to revisit it in the future, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.