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Harare Voices and Beyond is a book that asks a lot of important questions, however, the writing is a bit awkward and the characters were flat. According to the book blurb, "A drunken confession exposes a dark family secret. Rhys appears to have it all. A white Zimbabwean living in the affluent Borrowdale Brooke area, he gets involved in a freak traffic accident. Therein unfolds a confession which unleashes a cathartic chain of events in the family’s hitherto well-choreographed life, a family whose lived experience becomes microcosmic and an eye opener to Zimbabwe’s seemingly closed, forgotten, white minority community." It goes on to say, "Through offering a rare insight into lives of the white community in post-independent Zimbabwe, Harare Voices and Beyond explores the dynamics of love, money, family feuds, identity politics, false philanthropy, and respectability inter-alia. Two families’ lives are inexorably linked in this fast-paced narrative which not only traverses multiple locations, but also juxtaposes the seedy underbelly of Harare with the leafy northern suburbs, and little-known Marina Thompson from UK Durham University all appear linked in a drama-infused finale that will shock and numb the reader." I found it a unique story that was pretty brutal, but the dialogue is a bit forced at times. However, the secrets should keep readers turning pages.