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My excitement when I realized that I won a digital copy of this book from the amazing BookishFirst team can't be described by words because I was invested to read this book right when I started the preview.

Okay, so putting expectations aside, I was happy that I read this book because this has very unusual themes that needs trigger warning if you ever want to pick this book up randomly but for me, it was an important read with balanced discussion about said topic (though I am not in the perfect position to write about it, I was just giving my perspective as a reader.)

This is my first time reading a book where it is set in Zimbabwe so that was a nice start. I love the character and the setting to be honest.

What didn't work out for me is the voice of the storyline because, at times, I had a hard time telling who is narrating that sequence. But once I got the hang of it, I was able to stitch everything and the story made sense.

Overall, it was such an important read but can definitely be polished in some areas.