High expectations not realized

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Thank you bookish first and Kharis Publishing for my advanced readers copy of Harare Voices.
I really enjoyed the first two chapters of this book that were provided in the first look, and I was thrilled to win a copy. The story's premise was unlike any I have read before and I was very interested in discovering a part of the world rarely explored in literature. The perspectives shared in the first look fascinated me. I was looking forward to following their story but once I got beyond those opening chapters I was lost, and the plot seemed just as lost as me. There were too many characters to keep up with and the events that surrounded them seemed inconsequential at best. I stopped reading, and have not picked up the book since. Maybe Andrew Chatora brings the story back and pulls it all together in a satisfying way by the end of the book, but he has to get me there first. He failed to do so, and this book was unfortunately lost on me.