Hard to Tell

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Did not receive a print copy of what looks to be a fine tale - when book was sent via email, it would not download correctly so I cannot write a decent review unless a real book is sent. Sorry.

So, since this will not allow readers to submit without entering seven hundred words,
I will just keep writing until it decides to let me finish. Le me try again to see if it will accept three hundred and ninety five words.

This has never happened before and I will be careful to make sure that ONLY a print copy will be sent and not maybe a print or maybe an email.

Not sure what to add here except that the cover is truly beautiful and inviting for all readers to enjoy.

Okay - still won't allow "Submit" unless more words are entered so I am adding that the Title AND the cover both drew my attention and made me want to read on to see if the plot would be more than a thriller.