Disappointed and Tedious

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I so looked forward to reading Harare Voices & Beyond. When I oddly won an ebook (which I don't normally read, because of the instant headaches I get from online books). I waited for my library to get a copy for me. Took awhile, which made me more excited to read. Anticipation. Sadly more than half way into the story I quit reading. DNF

The sneak-peak--the first two chapters was very interesting. After those first few chapters it seems to be a free-for-all. It was very hard to follow POV as they kept changing and the chapter heading didn't let you know who it was; so confusing. At one point I thought I was reading about a boy, but it turn out to be about a girl. I'm lost. Plus it did not seem to follow a a liner sequence. Because of this I started not to care for any character.

The story also has a weird dark side I did not count on; it wasn't portrayed in the first look, so it was unexpected to read. Just not my cup-of-tea.

The author, Andrew Chatora, apparently found a thesaurus and used it a lot. Looking up words slows the story down, which is not helping a very disjointed story to begin with.