Didn't meet my expectations at all, and I couldn't finish it.

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I really liked how this book showed the differences in daily life between a white and a black family in Zimbabwe. The plot fell a bit flat though, and I felt really uninterested about half-way through and just couldn't finish it. The book also delved into some darker and more mature topics, which I partially expected but also didn't think would make up so much of the plot. Ultimately, I felt that the plot was boring and lacked action.
The writing style was good, but there were so many words I hadn't previously heard of in there, that made reading it a bit choppy. With how many adjectives described each action/noun, the author must have gone back to add them all. I didn't really like that.
The cover is simple and, in my opinion, fits the book pretty well. It has cultural aspects (from Zimbabwe, I'm assuming), and the face really expresses the challenges that the characters in the book face.