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I think this year is going to be exciting for me in books. This is the second book I've picked up this year and i wished it wouldn't have an end. Thankfully, I already got the e-book so I'll continue from where I left off.
"Harare voices and beyond" is a captivating and mind boggling penmanship of a person who knows his trade. I like that it is so realistic
It's a sojourn into the life of Rhys and his mother, Dorcas, white natives of Zimbabwe, as they face prison life in Chikurubhi prison in said home country, harrowing to an alleged murder of their kin, Rhys's brother, Julian.
It is apparent, the unfairness of Justice to selected people, whether white or black is still yet to be known as their case keeps getting adjourned. Although Rhys meeting Marina is definitely a light at the end of a tunnel, well maybe or not?
.....since I'm not done reading, I can't say much😁I'll get back to you once I am