A raw look at a family in Zimbabwe

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I would give this novel 3.5 stars. I enjoy books like this that are raw, a little dark and gritty. I also often seek stories that are from another part of the country that is different from where I live. The writing and descriptions took me right into Zimbabwe. This broken family was fascinating to me even during some disturbing situations. I would like to have given It another star but there were several chapters in which I didn't know who was telling their story. It was hard to hear some of the characters voices and there are many so I was lost a few times. This unfortunately interrupted the story for me. The multiple characters give a good overall view of the story and family, so I'm glad that It was included but would have liked a more specific title at the beginning of the chapters. Overall It is a very interesting story and clearly showcases the ugly side of our world.

A special thank you to BookishFirst for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review