A bit complicated

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I gave this book 2 stars despite me not completing it. There was a lot I liked about the plot, but then the plot suddenly stopped being interesting to me. The plot has family drama at its core.

I am still unsure how I feel about this book. It has clunky changes of point of view where you are unsure character is narrating at times. I would prefer more information (perhaps in the chapter title or chapter information?) providing that information.

There was also some points in the book where I did not know the language, so I was forced to pause and google the words. Normally, there are different ways to handle this as an author.

The story overall was intriguing at the beginning but then it got, for lack of a better term, dull and I ultimately decided to not finish the book. I want to thank BookishFirst for the complimentary Advanced Reach Copy in exchange for my honest review.