Stop the Hanger Cycle

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This is a handy guide for how to eat more mindfully and how to avoid hanger. I appreciated understanding the scientific aspect of how hanger happens, and it was interesting to read about all the reasons that might cause us to reach for food. For example, stress eating wasn't something I'd expected to be covered in this book, but I am glad it was and will make use of the tips to prevent it in the future. I liked that this book isn't about making huge changes in your life, but it encourages you to analyze your habits and how they affect your body. Then, if necessary, little changes can be made. And you don't have to give up your favorite foods! The suggestions in this book seemed doable, and I've put some in practice already. I've already talked to some friends and family members about this book, and I would recommend it not only to those who get hangry, but to anyone looking to get their eating habits under control.