Great tips and ideas

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I won this book from Bookish First and was thrilled to find that it is a great-looking finished hardback, and that the information on its pages matches the exterior. It is great! The author provides so many tips and tricks. Most books about diet are either too simplistic, making the answer seem easy when it isn't, or are too difficult to follow, with too many details to figure out. This book gave true to life tips for real people, to make real changes. It is a straight-forward book. I thought the author made it seem like it really is possible.

Dr Albers set this book up in a very smart way. Each section addresses specific challenges so that the reader can look for the things they struggle with and how to address them. For example, one section address sugar and those of us that use it to soothe our mental health issues. I find this to be practical, hopeful and smart.