Wild Ride

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I knew from the initial synopsis of the book it would be fast paced. At times it was overwhelming to keep track of all the different characters in this apartment building on Bank Street especially if you don't have a historical context to what was happening in New York during that time period. The story is set in Greenwich Village in New York City. It is told from the eyes of a young girl, Donna, who is full of wonder and adventure. This book reinforces all of the stories told about New York during the 50's 60's and 70's.It is almost like a fairy tale land but with Sid Vicous, drugs and drinking. It is a fun story to read, with a fast pace rhythm. I suggest looking up the area on a map to enhance the story especially if you are not familiar with New York which I was not. Growing Up Bank Street is a enjoyable book about artists, musicians and a young women.