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I really tbh haven’t gotten a chance to read this book cause I normally don’t read e books but I eventually wanna give it a go. I’m normally a person that likes to read actually copies of the book instead of it being online or an audio book. I haven’t heard anything about this book at all to know if it’s any good or not but I like the cover so I might just give it a go. I have read the description of it and it seemed good I just never gotten a chance to actually read it. I wanna know other people’s thoughts also before I read it to know and kinda have a brief of what it was about. I really excited to see if it good or not but I just don’t know yet. I haven’t read anything about the author to know but I’m normally more into ya books so that might be why. I just see other people’s opinion on the book rather than wasting my time if I don’t know if I’m gonna like it or not. -maddy