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The book Growing Up Bank Street is about a woman who lived among the bohemian characters of bank street. The way she described it in the book it made me think of Moulin Rouge and how every where you looked it was filled with musicians and poets. This was a part of New York I'd never really heard about or explored before and it was nice to hear about a different culture in a city. It is crazy how much the people who we interact with shape who we are and the author takes us through a journey of all the cool characters she knew in her and who influenced her to be the person she is today. She brings to life a part of New York that is being fazed out by gentrification. The author helps us see the old vibe of a city that no longer exists. Also the opera world is very new to me. I thought it was a dying art form but for Donna it was very much a part of her life which is interesting to see as well.