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GROWING UP BANK STREET documents a lively mix of immigrant, famous, artistic, and working class people in a six block stretch of Greenwich Village over a hundred year time span. From the author's singing debuts at the exhilarating
Amato Opera to the back stages of The Met, she introduces the varied range of restaurants, shops, factories, a decaying dockside, and more which formed her beloved neighborhood, then covers the dangers of everyday existence in a huge and changing city.

I was inspired to read this because of a friend who has lived all of his 80-plus years in NYC. Being a long time country girl, I wanted to understand how people got past the noise, crowds, traffic, crime, rats, garbage, skyscrapers and concrete replacing good old nature.

Donna Florio's informative descriptions of people and places enlighten her Good Old Days of closeness, friendship, high energy, caring, and love at her end of the Bank Street neighborhood.

Book is enhanced by the many photographs of characters.
My favorites were Bendtsen and Klemmerer in BUILDINGS.
SECRETS was creepy.

I'm still curious about the lack of racial diversity since the 1960s and also wonder about the sources of wealth for all those rich donors and patrons,
as well as any defense of Hoover's tactics.