Home sick

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Reading this book was a trip back home for me. My parents and I lived on Bank Street from the late 60's until they moved away in the late 90's. They were among many of the characters who resided in a special community on Bank Street.
The author in her descriptions of the stories and characters of the street captures and creates a true flavor of the eclectic nature of the people and the moments.

I have not read the entire book only the preview but I hope she was able to include the celebrations of the street. Halloween was a major event for the neighborhood. In that time there was a comfort in being a part of a great whole.
Doors were decorated, children clamored up stairs to walk-up apts eager to see the costumed residents gleeful distributing their treats.

I can't wait to read about the residents I was not able to meet as well as those I did. If it is a juicy and humorous as I think it will be given the sample provided it should make for a delightful view of a piece of NYC that I will share with my book club.

Congratulations Donna, you have brought such delight and warmth preserving the history of a special piece of an otherwise unknow part of New York City. I am eager to return to it and share it.