Breathing Theater

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For me this book was kind of all over the place and hard to understand. A lot of people were introduced and it was hard to keep them all straight. But I think it was very interesting to learn all the ways growing up around theater might affect you. Learning about her family was entertaining, especially how strong her mother was even when pregnant. That whole night her mother was pregnant was, in kind terms, very unique. I can't believe any of that really happened. And currently I am reading Shakespeare Twelfth Night and so it definitely gave you perspective on how much goes on behind a performance. I absolutely think that this memoir will give you a lot of information about plays and some stuff you might never think could have happened. Her story is going to be a unique one.

I think that the cover is very fitting and beautifully captured to display the elements needed. I like the font the title is written in. It fades allowing it to nicely blend in with the picture on the cover. I think it all works really well together.