Could Not Get Through It

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I really wanted to enjoy this one, and the synopsis was full of shenanigans that I'd typically be stoked for in a book. But this one just did not work for me, and I got about a quarter of the way through it before I decided to DNF. The writing style was too simplistic for me, I did not like the main character, Hudson, and felt he was too juvenile even for a senior in high school (17/18 years old). There were too many plotlines and all were underdeveloped (though I fault this fully on the fact I didnt get very far). I also felt like the character of Alana was slightly manipulative, or at least [at the time I stopped] knew Hudson was interested in her and led him on even though Bryce was around, and Hudson just let it happen. I really do want to know how these storylines play out, but I just can't motivate myself to pick this one back up. It seems like this book hits differently for other people, so if you're interested I say still try to pick it up. It just definitely was not shaping up to be a book for me.